Wednesday, April 6, 2016

T-shirt Line

Good Morning!  It is a WINDY spring day here...

   So I have been tossing around the idea of starting my own ranch style furniture line with my passion for furniture but mostly because it is HARD to find sturdy, true wood, furniture any more...while my brain was thinking..sometimes I wish it would just stop.   

     I had a "man graphic tees are cute" moment..BUT as a ranch wife I can find farming one but no true ranching ones..AND yes, for those of you who don't know..there is a difference between a farmer and a rancher. 
   I grabbed a piece of paper and started scribbling quotes that are often used in my home or that we joke about. 
It was very random (actually on the back of my youngest boys receipt for dental work he had gotten done).

     Now, I am pretty creative, I think so I spent the next day creating on a computer program...and here are some of the I have already tweaked some and am sure I will continue to change shapes and sayings but it is a start.  

    Goal:  Offer true to the heart Ranch Wife Living sayings...
Any woman who has had the opportunity to be married to a rancher or living with one, or a ranch mom..knows what these mean...

Thanks for reading and stopping by.  Leave a comment with your favorite one..there are 3 more coming!  

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