Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Good Morning.  I have not been on blogging for quite some time as my "job"- 5th grade teacher has been busy and my "other job" -ranch wife during calving season has been even busier.  I have a MINOR break this morning and can now write a little about my "love job" - junking and being creative with furniture.  

This week I have had to make some major decisions when it comes to jobs and minor decisions on things I love to do.  BUT one decision I know is that I LOVE this picture and really want to do this in my yard this year!  I even have the perfect place for it!  We will see if it actually gets done between rodeo, junkin, flea markets, Junk Round Up, and basketball tournaments!

Next thing is I would like to redo this old barn into a workshop for myself instead of painting in my mud room and laundry room!  I already started cleaning it all out ...once it warms up more I am going to finish cleaning it out and get to work!  Any volunteers?  ALSO I have SO SO SO many tires I am going to make a play gym for my kids with some, planters with others, and swings with some and I am guessing will have even MORE left over if anyone wants some!

LASTLY to help everyone get in the mood for SPRING!  Here is the featured item for the week!  This fun PERIWINKLE PRETTY PURPLE is distressed with a fun spring this week and get it for $40

HAVE A GREAT REST OF THE WEEK!  Easter is a beautiful time! Celebrate the life we were given to love the things we do!
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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Love/Hate Relationship with GLITTER paint!

Okay, so it has been quite some time since I have been on.  I am guilty of taking a blogging break to get some things in order for getting Ranch Chic Corral into some stores!  YEAH!!! And can't lie to also watch my kids play basketball, and wrestle and it is CALVING season at Ranch Chic Corral which makes our lives slightly altered.
Okay so have you seen the new spray glitter.....Awesome, right I know!  Anyways I have all these cool ideas going around in my head for them and had some old chairs that were pretty neat and I couldn't find the spindles to replace the ones broke so I decided I would DECORATE or should I say GLITTER for Spring colors!  Well, my idea was in my head and I started with a base coat and then used the spray glitter, which I thought was going good until.......I didn't shake it enough first so had random spots.  THEN the can really needed to be shook quite often while using and did not do, so more random spots.  THEN the nozzle broke causing it to DRIP onto the chair...YIKES.........SO long story short, this is one of the chairs and it has been one of the LEARNING projects that I was anticipating to take 2 days and it took more like 7 days!  But being a teacher, I am glad I learned and am going to know how to use it better the next time!
I think this chair would like great on a porch for spring or in an entry way with a white enamel pot on the seat with some beautiful flowers in it!  

I have many more projects I have done and will be posting pictures as I get them uploaded!  Have a great week!
Also do not forget to check out is an event on AUGUST 10th, that Ranch Chic Corral will be hosting!  I have been going to some local auctions and have many more on my schedule along with some junkin trips and have found some great finds!


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