Thursday, September 22, 2016

Strong Tongues, Strong Faith, Strong Women

Wow!  I have not blogged in quite sometime. 

Now don't get me wrong, I have thought of much to blog about but just haven't and probably need to because I am guessing there are many women who are moms, wives, and trying to be supermoms like me who have many of the same thoughts.  

To be honest, sometimes, while I am driving, I think of great blog post and create them in my mind but never get them actually typed!  

Well here at Ranch Chic Corral we have spent the summer adapting to change.  I am now officially on the ranch full time, and doing my Ranch Chic Corral business as I can and our oldest left the nest. We had a summer full of rodeos, boating, roping, haying, haying, oh and did I say haying?  Which reminds me...I have some new tshirts coming out for all you beautiful ranch wives and women!

July I did a barn sale to purge of some items!  It was great to see everyone and visit with new customers!

August I created an etsy page and stocked it with the signs I create...usually based on how I am feeling that day..I believe each one has a story to tell. 

September had another etsy fall sale and did the Country Junkin Show in Faith, SD...which brings me to my hard as ranchers work...sometimes I wonder if it makes them become self absorbed?

Okay maybe that is inconsiderate but really any of you experience this too?  
Be honest with me if you do!!...Now don't get me wrong, I LOVE my husband and all he provides for us through his hard work but sometimes I want to through the cow Sh** he worked so hard at creating in his lie, yes that was harsh but man do they ever need it sometimes!  
But by the grace of god I don't throw anything in his face, I usually bite my tongue and pray for the Lord to give me strength and be a woman of grace.

You know that...What are you doing today because I need you to cook for 10 people.  Sure honey I will, would have been nice if you would have told me before 10:00 on the morning of the for branding we are always ready, but those random..oh I am working a few head today and forgot to tell you.  Is my hardworking handsome rancher the only one who does this? 

Or the come in the house and yell your name, maybe 5 times if you did not hear or on the phone or maybe even trying to go to the bathroom and ask you if you are busy?  AND what you really want to say is everything that he doesn't even realize you do during the day, but instead you say "No, what do you need help with?" AND your morning is now taken away with a "5 minute" help job.  

So what made me wonder if all of our hardworking, handsome ranchers are like this..well, I had to haul my items to Faith for the Country Junkin show and about 2 days before this our hired man's pick up broke down.  This meant that he had to take one of our 2 that hauls a trailer.  I needed a trailer on Friday/Saturday and my husband needed one on Friday for hauling bulls and trailing cows and one on Saturday night for a Ranch Rodeo.  

WELL that turned into a downright fit throwing occasion..because why did I have to go...and why didn't I look at the schedule (as I booked a booth in like June for September) and not quite sure what else he all said but I am sure he said more.  

AND to top it all off..I decided that I would make our rodeo trailer work so I spent an afternoon cleaning out the front stall full of hay bales, buckets, grain, you name it..the put it in in case we need it stall over the summer.  Then I had to remove the rear tack as a table I made could only fit with the middle part of our trailer removed and the rear saddle rack and tack area taken out.  Well, I COULD NOT get one of the hinges out as I am not sure it has ever been taken apart so when my husband got home from working cows, he was sitting in our house with our neighbor and our good friend who helped him that day. I went in and said "Honey, when you get a chance do you think you could help me with that saddle rack, I can't get it out.  And then you and I could take the trailer down to Faith and unload, unhook, and go on a mini-version of a date by driving together with NO KIDS." Then a joke is made by our friend about you know that thing you do when your younger..parking..not sure if kids still even do that..anyways. I then proceeded to see if anyone needed any more beverages and thought all was good.....WRONG! 

He continued to visit so I thought I would go try again and I was able to use a hammer and a stake and get it out (and get grease everywhere)!  So I was glad I could now haul it out to the pasture and scoop out what I had piled up and I would load up and be on my way!  Oblivious that I hit the nail on the head with crabby pants...

After returning from the pasture with a beautiful, clean trailer...the "really you had to bug me to help you with the trailer after I worked all day" conversation started (pretty much with himself as I just kept working and acting like I was listening:) 

In my mind I am thinking oh he will be done in a bit and help me and we can mosey down the road, unload, bring trailer and pick up back, and I will return in the morning.  

Well, NOPE he decided he was going to move creep feeders around.  SO I loaded with my one daughter and decided if I could leave at 6:15 in the morning, drive there, unload, unhook and park trailer, she could follow me and we would switch vehicles and she could take the pickup back home so the Ranch Rodeo would not be missed.  

Well morning rolls around, I am ready to go early so go out and make sure I have everything needed....AND the pick up won't start. I go get the jumper cables with the electric starter and string two cords I had to gather up around the place AND they are not long enough about 5 feet I walk around looking for another one..find one that is slightly dirty and it is wet now I am good getting pretty grungy on my hands.  Get everything situated and get the pick up started.  

AND get I grab my coffee mug to go husband sticks his head out the door and says "Honey, did that not start?  The lights must have been hooked in wrong.  Why didn't you come wake me up for help?"  BAHAHA are you kidding couldn't help me with a pin last night and made a big fit over it but you think I am going to ask you now??  My response.."Don't worry I can jump a pick up."  I won't tell you what I really wanted to say....

The day went on..I had a great sale.  Got everything loaded and unloaded through sweat, frustration, and anxiety.  Stopped at the Ranch Rodeo on the way home to watch.  Actually held my husbands hand when done as we walked back to the pickup and trailer and remembered how much I love my handsome, hardworking, husband.  

I am sure all you other ranch wives have had experiences like this too and we are strong women and have strong faith, strong love, and strong bites on our tongues to make sure that everything gets done and sometimes with some bumps in the road but it gets done!  

P.S - I worked cows the next Monday..wait until I tell you about that:)  Let's just say my new tshirt design definitely was put to use that day!  Here is a sneak peek at it!

Thanks for visiting and reading!  Would love to hear from all you other Ranch Wives!  Visit my pages below and follow me!


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