Wednesday, February 10, 2016

DIY Fabric Garland

DIY Fabric Garland

Lately I have been wanting to try and make one of these.  I see them in campers, hanging on mantles, in a baby room, they are just too darn cute to pass up. 

I wanted to figure out how much fabric you actually needed and what the cost might be for when you go to a fabric store, you have an idea.

Here is what you will need to make 1 yard long garland. 
String/Twine/Yarn cut to 45 inches
Fabric of your choice
 (if using 45 inch wide fabric you will need a total of 1 yard of fabric between all your colors)
Roughly 1-2 hours of your time

The first thing I did was decide on three different fabrics and a string material.  I chose some fun pink and a pink yarn. 

I cut the yarn to 45 inches, with the plan of making 1 yard of garland and leaving room on the ends to make loops to hang the garland.

Next I laid the fabric on the cutting board and cut two inch strips.  I chose 3 different fabrics so I cut 6 -  2 inch strips of each fabric for a total of 36 inches total.  I trimmed off any ends.
After cutting the 2 inch strips, I opened them and laid 3 at a time stacked along a yard stick.  I cut at roughly every 9 inches, which gave me 5 strips per cut or 15 strips for the group of 3.  I continued to do that until all the fabric was cut.
I then sorted the strips as I was doing a pattern, or you could just randomly tie on too.
I then started tying a single knot on and continued until I was done and making sure to slide the pieces together.  This amount of fabric made roughly a 1 yard long garland.
Hope you enjoy!  I am looking forward to making one for my cute little camper! 


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