Thursday, November 14, 2013

For The lOvE of Creativity

Well, hello..........I have not been on for a LONG LONG TIME.......had some life changes and adjustments to make.  Anyhooo....My daughter Meza and I spent last Saturday (the first one I had off in over 3 months ...being a mom of 4, coach, teacher, wife, and manager of two households now.......has made it busy) going JUNKING.........I feel in love again.  I forgot how much i LOVE to do this creative work.  How much pleasure I get in using the creative juices that flow in my brain and keep it going one hundred miles an hour - much like my body!  Anyways ......we were able to go to Sale on State street in Belle Fourche where many other creative ladies showed us their work and I came home revitalized that I NEED to continue to do this passion and I am not being selfish by allowing myself and little freedom and down time in doing it.

I scored some great finds that day and went hunting for some cool shirts to make infinity scarves out of!  Well, I will try to keep posting on some of the things I have been working on or if I have anything for sale!
Hopefully I will be able to join someone or something with an occasional sale once a month!  

I made two of these for out stairwell because at night our little two year old has a tendency to wake up and wonder up them.  They are made from recycled wood and some recycled wine bottle (yes it was good wine!)~  

Here are some pictures of some things I have done in our townhome we have.  Enjoy..........

Have a creative day!



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