Thursday, May 12, 2016

Barn Graduation Celebration

Well, my oldest daughter is now officially a high school graduate!  We are so proud of her and excited for her to start on her new adventure next fall.  She has worked very hard to get to where she is at and hard work paid off with a full ride scholarship.  

So, as many of you know I LOVE to decorate and believe I was a decorator in another lifetime so I took the opportunity for a "party" which our family enjoys to do...and we created a FUN night of friends and food in our beautiful barn.  
This is a picture as the beautiful sun started to set that night.  

Here are some more pictures and then I will share with you how I  made it all happen.  

This is the front of the barn.  I had a chalkboard sign that I use at my barn sales that I put out.  It was made from the ends of a baby  crib!  
The cooler my dad made me.  I quickly put together some signs from some old table leafs that I had from a table that I am not sure where it is at!  
AND our benches came from good old SmartLic tubs!  I power washed 16 of those things...I was covered in cow manure and molasses!  We used boards that we had around the place to make benches.  

I bought two beautiful potted plants at our local Norma's Greenery to set outside the doors.  
The pillars that I had on both sides I had purchased earlier to make a headboard out of (on my to do list)! 
 I strung lights around them for fun.  
The round wreath with a red bow is actually a $3 Family Dollar hula hoop with wide burlap ribbon wrapped around it.

Here you can see more of the benches that we made.  
I happen to have some beautiful wood shelves I had made for our local fabric store and when it closed I took them out.   

This was our graduate corner.  
The old doors are ones that I have collected or people have given me over the years.  
I just lined them along the far wall and strung star lights across them.  
I then hung art work our daughter had done on some burlap twine with cute clothespins I had gotten from Michaels.  
The stars above were fun scrap wood pieces I had and put together.  
The Congrats large sign was made form a $10 rummage sale canvas picture I had bought.  It had scenery of mountains and a gold frame.  I sanded it down, painted with chalkboard paint, and whitewashed the frame!  
It turned out beautifully!  
For pictures we hinged two old windows together and strung twine and used colored clothespins to hang pictures.  

The tables and chairs are ones I have had from different barn sales I have had or furniture I have made.  
I put burlap or off white fabric on the tables, burlap runners in red and turquoise, and added blue ball mason jars to the tables with tea lights in them.  
I had these cute chalkboards for tables and used them to write on and put on the tables.

You can see the ladder we used to display all of her plaques so it wouldn't take up so much table space. 
 She also picked out a cute box at Hobby Lobby and we found letters at Michaels and glued CARDS on the inside of it!  
The CONGRATS banner we stenciled on to a red felt banner we found

A picture form the back of the barn looking outside.

Here is a picture of the outside.  
Benches on both sides.  
Each tub also has a white solar lantern on it and we had 4 solar lights on each side of the doors.  

Here is the other pillar, and hula hoop wreath with turquoise ribbon!

A view from the outside looking in.  
We put the tables towards the back where the food and drinks were and left space at the front for standing and visiting, or dancing:) 

Here is the "feast" table. 
 I made the burlap sign with stencils and red yarn.  
Put the napkins and forks in a metal fruit display we had and put a lace table cloth on an old desk.  

The "sweets" tables were two old dressers with the drawers removed and covered with burlap.  
We had a smores bar with 3 glass jars, skewers in a jar, and some candy. 
 I made the wooden box from some old pallets to put the little burners we used.  I found them at the Dollar Tree.  

This is our "drinks" bar.  
The two old galvanized tubs I had and we cut garbage bags apart and put in the bottom, filled them with ice and added pop and water.  
We put out paper cups with some fun straws and then filled two large glass drinking dispensers with lemonade and iced tea.  

Another picture of the ladders.

Fun picture of a table with some extra treats we had for our guest!

Now for a few details...

To begin with we cleaned out as much as we could and swept..a lot and I mean a lot of dirt out.  We pushed things, or my husband did, to the sides..he thought that would be just fine...BUT we have lots of little hands that were coming and machine oil, tools, nuts, bolts, you name it..was not going to be just "left out".  That is where the idea of the poles came into play.  I created the poles so that they can be moved to our new front deck and back deck to be used as "light poles" during the summer months.

To make these my daughters and I went to Lowes and picked up 14 medium size planting pots and Quickrete.  Once home we went to the local lumber yard and picked up 14 2x2 8 ft long.  Next I mixed the Quickrete, had my little guy hold the 2X2 in the pot while I poured about 3 inches of cement in.  I then used Gorilla Tape to hold the poles up.  However, these were not weighted enough to not tip so I added potting soil to it and filled them once everything was dry.  Once on our deck, I will fill with some beautiful flowers!

Now I started this about 2 weeks in advance knowing I would do a little in the morning and a little in the evenings!  The next thing I did was add eye hooks to the top of each pole on two sides.  I pre drilled the holes and then screwed them in.  

Next I put the pots where I thought they would work to cover everything up that needed to be.  I then strung some heavy twine rope from each eye hook.  I just looped through and tied them.  

Next I strung lights from each eye hook (I stapled the lights to the back of the poles as I didn't want to weight any more than needed on the twine.  

I bought $.98 table cloths for the back drops.  We did some white, white lace, a little red, and a few turquoise.  I hung them to the twine with little wooden laundry clips.  I used small ones so it would not have to much weight.  

The white and turquoise tissue balls I happen to already have on hand.  I had purchased them in a party store last summer while our daughter was at a basketball tourney in Minnesota.  Not sure why I bought them then, but now I know why:)  

Well, I think that pretty much summarizes most everything up!  We served roast beef sandwiches, corn salad, fresh watermelon, strawberries, and grapes, with all our great sweets. 

Thanks for stopping by and we are excited for our daughter to begin her new adventure!  She will be heading off to college to play basketball and right not plans on taking up Criminal Psychology.  

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Barn Sale = Success

Ranch Chic first barn sale in our community is officially in the books.  I had a great turnout and THANK YOU to all the wonderful customers I am able to inspire with furniture, signs, paint, and more!

Here are a few pictures of the Sale..

These are some pictures of some of the inside items.  I also had some "junk" items lined up outside.  Friday the weather was gorgeous, in the 60s and I could open the doors...AND we live in South Dakota so Saturday it wasn't..with snow blowing and coming down hard so I had to leave those things inside. 

It took me about a week to set up as this was a "bare" space and I covered the walls with spare fabric that I had or old doors. 

I do plan on trying to do them once a month or so to keep myself busy and customers happy.

Thanks for stopping by...Ranch Wife Living t shirts should be coming out soon!  Getting a website together for everybody to be able to order their own! 

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

T-shirt Line

Good Morning!  It is a WINDY spring day here...

   So I have been tossing around the idea of starting my own ranch style furniture line with my passion for furniture but mostly because it is HARD to find sturdy, true wood, furniture any more...while my brain was thinking..sometimes I wish it would just stop.   

     I had a "man graphic tees are cute" moment..BUT as a ranch wife I can find farming one but no true ranching ones..AND yes, for those of you who don't know..there is a difference between a farmer and a rancher. 
   I grabbed a piece of paper and started scribbling quotes that are often used in my home or that we joke about. 
It was very random (actually on the back of my youngest boys receipt for dental work he had gotten done).

     Now, I am pretty creative, I think so I spent the next day creating on a computer program...and here are some of the I have already tweaked some and am sure I will continue to change shapes and sayings but it is a start.  

    Goal:  Offer true to the heart Ranch Wife Living sayings...
Any woman who has had the opportunity to be married to a rancher or living with one, or a ranch mom..knows what these mean...

Thanks for reading and stopping by.  Leave a comment with your favorite one..there are 3 more coming!  

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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Boots..Bags...Paint...oh and cute shirts

For the LOVE of These!

So, anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE boots, and cute bags.  I also enjoy spending the weekend in t-shirts, boots, comfy jeans and some cute accessories.  

What girl or mom can resist those things?  Right!  So Ranch Chic Corral will be offering some of my favorites to you!  Just click on the Corral button on the top to go to the page to select - bags,shirts, paint, and much more!  

To order you just need to click on VISIT our facebook page, like our page and message me with what you want and I will get it to you!

Enjoy your shopping!

Ranch Chic Corral

**Yesterday I made a hearty lunch from leftovers..will be posting the recipe tonight.  Check back!

Monday, March 28, 2016

Baby calves, kids, projects and more projects!

Good Monday..Easter Monday Morning!  Spring is arriving at the Ham Ranch..which means babies.  Lots and lots of new babies!  We were blessed with great friends and beautiful weather on the day we celebrated that He is Risen!  Thanks be to god.  


This time of year also means an itching to get projects done now that, for the most part, winter is coming to an end (however here in South Dakota we will have another good snow storm in April or May I am sure of it).  

With a graduate upon us, it seems we will be having more projects on the list than usual. We are hosting a "celebration" at our ranch in less than 2 months, which seems crazy as I remember when this girl was just little! 

I have been wanting to blog more as it is just fun to let other people see our lifestyle.  I should blog more during heifer calving season (but it is slightly stressful) and I am very much a single mom during those times but seeing the mommas with their new babies is so worth it..however not seeing my husband much as he is never in the house and sleeps in a little house in the barn, is not fun.  I think being a ranch wife during calving is one of the most challenging things I have ever done in my life...each year it challenges us.  

My husband is VERY good at what he does and our cows are blessed to have him as their caretaker.  

So, here are some of the many projects I am working on and am going to try to journal my way through them.  I would love for you to join me if you would like...or just get some DIY inspiration of your own. 

1.  New Deck across the front of our entire home..yes entire. 

2.  Cleaning out our white quonset for a barn dance celebration for graduation and preparing everything to go with it!

3.  Preparing my garden for the spring.  I am going to go to raised beds to try and weed out some pesty weeds this season!

4.  Revamping an old Belle camper (my husband after 6 months has figured I purchased it and thinks I am crazy.)

5.  Remodeling projects in the house (sliding barn doors for closet doors in my boys room).

6.  I have been a part of a business in our community that is closing so I will be moving my products and furniture into a new space!

7.  Babies, and more babies, and branding and more brandings.  

Gotta love our crazy life!  
I will try to blog each day how the process is going...come along and join me!  

Ranch Chic Corral
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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

DIY Fabric Garland

DIY Fabric Garland

Lately I have been wanting to try and make one of these.  I see them in campers, hanging on mantles, in a baby room, they are just too darn cute to pass up. 

I wanted to figure out how much fabric you actually needed and what the cost might be for when you go to a fabric store, you have an idea.

Here is what you will need to make 1 yard long garland. 
String/Twine/Yarn cut to 45 inches
Fabric of your choice
 (if using 45 inch wide fabric you will need a total of 1 yard of fabric between all your colors)
Roughly 1-2 hours of your time

The first thing I did was decide on three different fabrics and a string material.  I chose some fun pink and a pink yarn. 

I cut the yarn to 45 inches, with the plan of making 1 yard of garland and leaving room on the ends to make loops to hang the garland.

Next I laid the fabric on the cutting board and cut two inch strips.  I chose 3 different fabrics so I cut 6 -  2 inch strips of each fabric for a total of 36 inches total.  I trimmed off any ends.
After cutting the 2 inch strips, I opened them and laid 3 at a time stacked along a yard stick.  I cut at roughly every 9 inches, which gave me 5 strips per cut or 15 strips for the group of 3.  I continued to do that until all the fabric was cut.
I then sorted the strips as I was doing a pattern, or you could just randomly tie on too.
I then started tying a single knot on and continued until I was done and making sure to slide the pieces together.  This amount of fabric made roughly a 1 yard long garland.
Hope you enjoy!  I am looking forward to making one for my cute little camper! 

Friday, October 30, 2015

DIY Snowflake Sign

Snowflakes...yes, the first ones fell the other day so it inspired me to make this...ooh so simple snowflake sign. 

First, I was inspired by some felt/wool place mats or sometimes they are a rubber type of material...yes, the kind that you can get at your local Dollar Store for about a dollar or two.  (I always think, wow....what an inexpensive stencil.)

Next, I had a left over piece of wood from a project I had been working on so I sanded it down.  Pallet wood put together would look great too.

I laid the snowflake on the board. 

Next I used the Valspar White Spray Paint to spray over the entire board and snowflake.  I did this in about three different coats, but randomly so it covered but yet didn't get runny.

Lastly, I took the Glitter Blast (which you can get at your local hobby and crafts store).  I shook it up good and sprayed over the top again.  I continued to spray in short spurts until I was satisfied.  I made sure to do the edges extra. 

AND...I took the placemat off and there was my finished product.  Now hang a wall hook on the back.  Maybe add a little saying on it, or just leave it as is.  I coated my with Valspar Matted Clear Coat to help keep the Glitter Blast from getting everywhere.

I am working on some more with different shapes, painting the backgrounds first, and different colored glitter blast! 

Hope you enjoyed this little DIY from Ranch Chic Corral!
Just Painting and Creating in my boots!

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