Friday, October 30, 2015

DIY Snowflake Sign

Snowflakes...yes, the first ones fell the other day so it inspired me to make this...ooh so simple snowflake sign. 

First, I was inspired by some felt/wool place mats or sometimes they are a rubber type of material...yes, the kind that you can get at your local Dollar Store for about a dollar or two.  (I always think, wow....what an inexpensive stencil.)

Next, I had a left over piece of wood from a project I had been working on so I sanded it down.  Pallet wood put together would look great too.

I laid the snowflake on the board. 

Next I used the Valspar White Spray Paint to spray over the entire board and snowflake.  I did this in about three different coats, but randomly so it covered but yet didn't get runny.

Lastly, I took the Glitter Blast (which you can get at your local hobby and crafts store).  I shook it up good and sprayed over the top again.  I continued to spray in short spurts until I was satisfied.  I made sure to do the edges extra. 

AND...I took the placemat off and there was my finished product.  Now hang a wall hook on the back.  Maybe add a little saying on it, or just leave it as is.  I coated my with Valspar Matted Clear Coat to help keep the Glitter Blast from getting everywhere.

I am working on some more with different shapes, painting the backgrounds first, and different colored glitter blast! 

Hope you enjoyed this little DIY from Ranch Chic Corral!
Just Painting and Creating in my boots!

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Sunday, October 18, 2015

THAT Crazy week and mom!

Have you ever had one of THOSE weeks?  Well, I just ended one.  But as I sit here drinking my coffee in the early morning in the fall I am thankful that I have a family that tags me as THAT mom.

Yes, I am THAT mom that has rules.
Yes I am THAT mom that is not like everyone else's mom.
Yes I am THAT mom that has expectations for you.
Yes I am THAT mom that will tell you what needs to be told, honest not fluffy.
Yes I am THAT mom that will not tolerate disrespect.
Yes I am THAT mom that works full time and has a husband that work full time PLUS so everything you need or want won't come to you instantly, which your generation is not used to.
Yes I am THAT mom that thinks you should do chores.
Yes I am THAT mom that needs and wants to know who you are with and where you will be.
Yes I am THAT mom that checks in on your grades each week.
Yes I am THAT mom that expects you to give 100% in whatever it is that you are doing. 
Yes I am THAT MOM! 

My kids have a habit of saying sometimes when they don't like what they hear "Oh you are THAT mom!" 

 This last week was a long week for my family as many unexpected things all happened at once AND it is one of the busiest times of year for our ranch, which means, I am pretty much a single mom, during the week.  I am at peace with that aspect as our ranching is what supports our family, however, sometimes my kids need a "reality" check that life does not revolve around them all the time. 

AND when this happened this last week I got the "you work all the time" spill from 2 of my kids.  WHEN in reality, I do not.  I own my own business which gives me the flexibility to attend ALL of their functions, or run them things during the day, like food for their sporting trips, and pick them up usually, not always, as needed. 

I am okay with being THAT mom, as I am THAT mom who believes my job is not to be your friend but to be your parent and parenting is HARD!  It is exhausting when you have an 18 year old who reminds you they are 18 and a 4 year old who can almost out run you but not quite yet, as he has inherited his mothers running genes so I can still keep up or catch!

I am THAT mom that uses technology as a tool for consequences!  Did you know if you are a verizion customer that you can have family base, best thing ever invented.  Every time my children cuss, I shut their phone off for one day!  Every minute they are late, it is one day off AND you can even sign up to have them email you each night what they did on their phone during school hours and YES people your children are not innocent.  School is to be in school and learn NOT to be texting!  You  can also shut it off during school hours (I did this last year for awhile, did let them have it on during lunch and free hour) but now they know I WILL do this if they are using during the day too much. 

I am THAT mom that wants my child to work hard at grades and learning.  I am not saying I always expect A's across the board BUT I do expect them to be in the moment learning and trying their hardest and you can't do that if you are having a conversation with someone while your teacher is teaching!

I am THAT mom that can financially afford things, however I still think you need to learn what you need not want. 
I am THAT mom that makes you do chores in order to have "money" to pay for your phone being on, money for sporting trips, extra activities. 
I am THAT mom that reminds you that you have hard working parents and you need to respectful when they are working and not jump to your I need it now call. 

I am THAT mom that makes you dress "classy" as my kids would say.  No you don't need to show anything off, even if you have it. 
I am THAT mom that makes you dress nicely for church, not because I think you have to, but I think it is respectful and you have the clothes to do it. 
Yes I am THAT mom that will tell you when something looks to inappropriate. 

I am THAT mom that will support you in everything you do.  BUT will not support if you choose to slack in an area or complain about someone else excelling in it over you because they have worked harder than you. 
I am THAT mom that expects when you step into a job, an arena, a court, school that you give your 100% and you are respectful.  THAT YOU will challenge yourself and others around you to be better. 

I am THAT mom that DISLIKES gossip and cattiness so when I see or hear it, it stops. 
I am THAT mom that will teach you jealousy is wicked and learned at home.  RESPECT others for what they are able to do and surround yourself with people better than you, it will make you better!

I am THAT mom that will tell you that God is watching.  As I do believe in this and do believe things come to those who respect their parents. 

I am THAT mom and I am PROUD to be THAT mom and not your best friend.  Someday you will thank me for being THAT mom! 

I am THAT mom that would do anything to help you and I am THAT mom that believes in you more than anyone else and I am THAT mom that loves you more than anyone else! 

To all you THAT moms!..THAT away and kudos to is hard to be THAT mom!
Ranch Chic Corral

Friday, October 16, 2015

Fighting Your Passion

Well I have not posted for a long long time and realized today while working on a project how much I missed it so my speech bubbles (or think bubbles) were going crazy while painting.  SO here we are, giving it a try again.  I have decided I need to journal or blog as my head thinks of so much while I am busy being a crazy paint lady (have you seen all those cool tshirts..that's me...I paint to keep the crazy away.)

I have two major passions in my life: kids (or students) and creativity with furniture. 

It is quite a combo and sometimes I have an inner war on where my journey and heart is taking me.  As I was thinking about this today it made me think of embracing.  I have been thinking a lot about this subject as our oldest daughter who is 18 has battled with this as well.  She has had the opportunity to be exposed to much more than many her age and also is quite mature for her age.  She was able to live in another community for a while and was so embraced by all her friends, classmates, teachers, and community and where she has had her roots since she was 1 and currently lives is such a battle to feel embraced, I am not sure she has ever felt accepted or embraced the same. 

Thinking about this has made me think about embracing all god has given us as individuals and sometimes I think I try to fight my creativity because I am nervous that it won't work.  I have found out that the older I have gotten or maybe the wiser I have gotten...that I love to spend time by myself with just my kids and this is what makes my heart whole.  I feel the most inner peace when I am at the ranch, hanging out, cleaning up and picking up here and there, while doing some furniture projects, AND being able to love on or visit with my kids in between all of this.  Going on bike rides in the middle of the day with your child is what life is all about! 

So anywho...I will try to post more about life, junking, kids, trying to be a good wife, housekeeper (notice I said I think we all struggle with that) teaching, being a business owner, passion, cooking and oh so much more! 

 Feel free to stop in and visit or just read

Painting and Creating in my boots.
Ranch Chic Corral

Thursday, November 14, 2013

For The lOvE of Creativity

Well, hello..........I have not been on for a LONG LONG TIME.......had some life changes and adjustments to make.  Anyhooo....My daughter Meza and I spent last Saturday (the first one I had off in over 3 months ...being a mom of 4, coach, teacher, wife, and manager of two households now.......has made it busy) going JUNKING.........I feel in love again.  I forgot how much i LOVE to do this creative work.  How much pleasure I get in using the creative juices that flow in my brain and keep it going one hundred miles an hour - much like my body!  Anyways ......we were able to go to Sale on State street in Belle Fourche where many other creative ladies showed us their work and I came home revitalized that I NEED to continue to do this passion and I am not being selfish by allowing myself and little freedom and down time in doing it.

I scored some great finds that day and went hunting for some cool shirts to make infinity scarves out of!  Well, I will try to keep posting on some of the things I have been working on or if I have anything for sale!
Hopefully I will be able to join someone or something with an occasional sale once a month!  

I made two of these for out stairwell because at night our little two year old has a tendency to wake up and wonder up them.  They are made from recycled wood and some recycled wine bottle (yes it was good wine!)~  

Here are some pictures of some things I have done in our townhome we have.  Enjoy..........

Have a creative day!


Saturday, May 11, 2013

Auction anyone?

The word auction in our house has now take on the roll as the "A" word.  Too funny.  My husband says it is not allowed to be said around me, as I will drop what I am doing and go.  He, claims we have nowhere to store things.  Really, we live on a ranch with 5 large barns??  PLUS I told him when school is out I will be done with everything in one week (I wish)!  BUT wishful thinking!

Well, here is an updated list of everything we currently have for sale AND the custom orders we are taking!!
HAVE FUN SHOPPING!  Contact us if you need anything!!

Hello!  I am Baby Burke!  I am an end table that was brought to life with  cream chalk paint  and chalkboard paint on the top!  I got my name from a little guy named Burke who likes to play with everything on top of his moms' end tables, so now he can just write on them!  I would love to join your home!  $35

Hi, I am Rustic Ruby.  I am slightly distressed and have a beautiful cross on each of my sides.  I added a little  jewelry to front of myself with some square clavos.  I come with four shelves and two can adjust.  I was found in a home along with two of my friends you will see soon!   I was given a new life in brown, cream, and red chalk paint!  I am not real sturdy but would look great holding important and fun pictures of your family, or in a hallway holding your favorite family keepsakes.  I look forward to joining your home!  $50

This is Glitter Glam! I am painted in hot pink with purple legs!  I wanted to spice myself up a little so I added glamour glitter to my seat and back along with butterflies!  I would look great outside ( I have many coats of sealer) or as an entry.  I would be okay for a child to sit in but probably not an adult!  I was found out a rummage sale, cleaned up and now I feel great again!  I look forward to being a part of your home!!

Hi, I am Mint Maddy.  I was found at an auction and given a facelift!  I am slightly distressed and would look great as and end table or in an entry way.  You could set your keys and mail on me while you take your shoes off!  I look forward to joining your home.  $35

This is JUNK LOVE!  I am an old canvas from a thrift store given new life and then given some LOVE with old metal pieces that were thrown in a box at an auction!  I would look great hanging on a wall with a picture of your family or all of your kids underneath me!  I look forward to joining your home!  $25
This is Periwinkle Patty!  I am done in a Periwinkle Purple with distressing and I added a fun fabric to my seat! I would brighten up ANY room and would look great in a corner of an entry for people to sit down and take their shoes off! I was found homeless at a thrift store and now I have been brighten up and given new life!  I look forward to joining your home!  $45

Hi, I am Colorful Cara!  I am full of life and color painted in many colors!  I have many coats of poly so I could  be put outside as a bench in a garden or on a porch!  I was found in a thrift store and had a previous life as a coffee table!  I would love to join your yard, garden, or home!  $45

I am SchoolDesk Diane!  I have been stored away in a basement and now am ready to make some little child LOVE to learn!  I have a chalkboard top and am ready to become someone's favorite place to sit!  $40

Hi I am Suzie Side Table (on left).  I was found in an attic and now have a new look.  I went to the paint salon and got a cream update with a grungy look and stained edges.  I have a scalloped edge which is pretty neat!  I would love to sit in your entry or hold your night lamp for you!  $30
My friends Dream. Faith. Believe are also for sale!  They are painted on burlap and would look great hanging as a trio.  They are $10/piece or $25 for the three!

Hi, I am Pretty Patience!  I am the Pink keepsake box!  My friend Purple Patty  got sold!   I was found at a thrift stored and PINKED up!  I would love to join your home!  Below is a picture of what I look like in the inside.  I also have a mirror so you can see how beautiful of a person you are each day!  $12

Hi, I am Vintage Victoria!  I did not get a picture taken of me before I went to my temporary home in Julie J's salon!  I have been distressed up ad will get a anew picture of my new look soon!  I would look great as a side table or in a hallway!  I was found at an auction in a drab brow and ow am loving my new look!  $35
                                                          CUSTOM ORDERS!!!
These are Family Birthday boards!  Order one in any color...disressed or not.  Also can add the word Birhday with the family!  PLUS you can order tags to hang in any color!  I am finishing this one up and will post it when it is!  These are $25 for the board and $.50 for each tag you add!

TAILGATE Benches! How awesome! I am just finishing up one and will have it for sale.  If you have a tailgate and would like one made for you message me!  Depending on size they range from $150-$250.

Butterfly Dresser - Sold!!  The story of being yourself and flying...the pink butterfly is spreading its wings and flying on the side.  The poem is on the back of the dresser!!

Ranch Chic Corral
Visit us on facebook and when we get to 500 a $25 gift certificate will be given away!!

Friday, May 3, 2013

Nor Furniture but Family Fun

Well, this post has a LITTLE to do with furniture but not much.  I just thought it would be fun to share some pictures from our Day 1 branding.  Tomorrow will be Day 2 of the 1st weekend and next weekend we will be at it again!
Anyways, we got up in the morning and I started cooking at 6:20 and had some coffee here and there, got everyone up and fed.  The 3 oldest and Brady headed out to get the horses to gather up the first group to be branded!  While they did this Burke and I made corn salad and barbques.
Here are some pictures of them bringing them into the corral to wait before they headed out to get the second group!

 These next pictures is my youngest and as we were walking down to the alleyway, he started to figure out that there were cows coming into the pen we were walking by.

Once this group was in, they all headed south to gather up a different group so my youngest and I loaded up in the pick up and headed down through the oats field to try and get some more pictures...and boy did we get some good ones!
Ducks hanging out on the river.

Some views from where we are blessed to live!  Isn't it gorgeous??

Once everything got in the corral, I had to go on a "beverage" run over to the little store where we get our mail about 4 miles away and then get back to cooking!  I finished off the meal with hard boiled egg noodle salad, blueberry cobbler, cherry cobbler, homemade whipped topping, boiled smashed rosemary broiled potatoes, watermelon, and barbequed baked beans to add to the already made corn salad and barbeque sandwiches!  YUM YUM!  I think I cooked for 4 hours straight!  
I got the back deck all set up with tables and chairs for everyone and once we ate, the kids jumped on the trampoline before we headed back out to finish up!  Hope you enjoy the rest of the pictures!  LOVE BRANDING...nothing like it.  Now that we are done with Day 1 of weekend 1, we will begin all over tomorrow with Day 2 and then next weekend again!  Lots of good food, memories, laughter, and hard work!  Gotta love ranching.

Now onto tomorrow....where I do have a post for furniture as I will be setting up my display area in a shop in town!  Wish me luck!!  ALSO I am so excited to get started on getting our little red shed redone so I have a place to work on projects (I have alot to do, and some custom orders I need to get to!)!!
Here is a picture of the little red shed cleaned out..........look at all that work.....


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