Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Boots..Bags...Paint...oh and cute shirts

For the LOVE of These!

So, anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE boots, and cute bags.  I also enjoy spending the weekend in t-shirts, boots, comfy jeans and some cute accessories.  

What girl or mom can resist those things?  Right!  So Ranch Chic Corral will be offering some of my favorites to you!  Just click on the Corral button on the top to go to the page to select - bags,shirts, paint, and much more!  

To order you just need to click on VISIT our facebook page, like our page and message me with what you want and I will get it to you!

Enjoy your shopping!

Ranch Chic Corral

**Yesterday I made a hearty lunch from leftovers..will be posting the recipe tonight.  Check back!


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