Sunday, April 17, 2016

Barn Sale = Success

Ranch Chic first barn sale in our community is officially in the books.  I had a great turnout and THANK YOU to all the wonderful customers I am able to inspire with furniture, signs, paint, and more!

Here are a few pictures of the Sale..

These are some pictures of some of the inside items.  I also had some "junk" items lined up outside.  Friday the weather was gorgeous, in the 60s and I could open the doors...AND we live in South Dakota so Saturday it wasn't..with snow blowing and coming down hard so I had to leave those things inside. 

It took me about a week to set up as this was a "bare" space and I covered the walls with spare fabric that I had or old doors. 

I do plan on trying to do them once a month or so to keep myself busy and customers happy.

Thanks for stopping by...Ranch Wife Living t shirts should be coming out soon!  Getting a website together for everybody to be able to order their own! 


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