Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Updated For Sale!

I have an updated list of what I have for sale and their dimensions!  Let me know if there is anything you are looking for and I can keep my eye open for you.  Some upcoming projects I am working on are:  small side table, small table with stool, chair, bench or coffee table, large set of shelves with storage on bottom, 2 dressers....once I pick up all my finds I will have even more fun projects...just need more time.  I am also working on locations to have some of the furniture so you can stop by and see it.  As I get those locations I will let you know!  

Dimensions:  Depth 16"
Width 18"
Height 34"

Cally Cowhide
Okay, this is a neat piece...one because the cowhide is not short like you see many times...it is longer because this is hide from one of our own steers.  This chair is done in a turquoise green with the cowhide seat.  I am asking $50 and I have 2 available.  

Depth 20.5"
Width 2 ft
Height 21"

Baby Burke End Table
This table is $50 and was inspired by my youngest boy Burke.  He LOVES to play on our two end tables and takes or breaks anything we have on them.  The bottom of this is painted in a light white chalk paint and the top is CHALKBOARD paint...this way your toddlers can stay entertained!  There is only 1 available.  BUT if you would like one and it is sold let me know and I can find another and custom make one for you.


Depth 10"
Width 19.5 "
Height 58"

Ruby Red Shelf

This is a slightly distressed shelf with 4 total shelves (2 adjustable).  The top has rustic square clavos and the sides have a cross.  This is not a real sturdy piece.  It is very light weight.  If you are going to use to store heavier items you would need to secure it to the wall.  It is done in rustic red, tan/brown, and cream chalk paint.  I am asking $50.  

Have a paint it beautiful kind of day!


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