Wednesday, October 12, 2016

CALVES Poem..a step in the past

I wanted to share this article that was 5 years ago.  Some things have changed since then...I no longer teach but stay on the ranch to help as needed and now have Ranch Chic Corral.  We have grown our herd, and we have 4 beautiful hardworking ranch children, and the oldest off at college.  

BUT this still makes my heart smile every time I read it!  All our kids love the ranch and all of them a different aspect of it...we always make jokes that maybe some day after they have gone to college and done their thing that they may return.  Along with that we also joke and label each as "the worker", "the records person", "tell everyone what to do", "let's try something new"...yes we know what each of them would be (and anyone around my kids do too:).  But in all honesty they all have great traits and together they would make a great team...

So here is a little reading for you today from our now almost 15 year old when she was 9...

This was our daughter last year while branding!  Sporting the "giving shots" pose quite well!!

This was her when she was 9 years old, when this poem was written.

Have a great day!
Kristen Ham


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